Pilot. Advocate. Athlete

Michael Goulian is one of North America’s most decorated aerobatic pilots and recognized aviation professionals. Throughout his 30-year career, Goulian has devoted himself to excellence in the air, and in business. Growing up at his family’s flight school, Michael learned at an early age those values that have defined his career; hard work, dedication and an unwavering focus on the pursuit of perfection.


Michael Goulian is a multi-disciplined aerial demonstation pilot. Beginning his career in the competitive world of aerobatics, Goulian earned the distinction of becoming one of the youngest pilots to ever win the United States Unlimited Aerobatic Championship at the age of 27. His signature air show performance combines the heart-stopping gyroscopic tumbling of modern display flying with the crisp, aggressive, demands of precision competition aerobatics.

In 2006, Goulian joined an elite group of pilots competing in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Competing as Team #99, Goulian and his team are engaged in a battle of technology, skill, and execution against 13 of the world’s fiercest competitors.


Red Bull Air Race World Championship

Career Highlights

2017: DHL Fastest Lap Award – Abu Dhabi

2009: Winner: Budapest, Hungary

7 years as Master Class competitor

Air Show & Competition

Career Highlights

2011 ICAS Sword of Excellence

2009 Bill Barber Award for Showmanship

2006 Art School Showmanship Award

3 Time member: US National Unlimited Aerobatic Team

1995 United States National Unlimited Aerobatic Champion

1990 United States National Advanced Aerobatic Champion


Michael Goulian is committed to the advancement of safe aircraft piloting through refined flight instruction, technology, and professionalism. As part of that effort, Goulian helped to write the manual adopted by the International Council of Air Shows as performer qualifying standard. He has been welcomed onto several Director Boards including:

ICAS Board of Directors

AOPA Board of Advisors

EAA Board of Directors

IMC Club Board

FAA Safety Team

In addition to his air show and air racing credentials, Michael Goulian is a Certified Flight Instructor. A firm believer in scenario based training, Goulian is a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP), and regularly traverses the country in a Cirrus SR-22, delivering talks to aviation groups designed to increase the awareness of safety and proficiency amongst the general aviation pilot community.


The physical demands of flying in the air show and air race arena are nothing short of extreme. Pilots strain their muscles against punishing G-forces which work to prevent the steady flow of blood to the brain. Control pressures attempt to rip the control stick from the pilots’ hands, and snatch the rudder pedals from their feet. To guard against this, Mike Goulian adheres to a strict fitness regiment of cardio, and strength training. His workout of choice is long distance road cycling; regularly logging rides of 30+ miles several times each week.

The Mental Game

Flying requires intense focus. In an environment overflowing with distractions, a successful flight is based on the pilots’ ability to concentrate on flying the airplane precisely, and purposefully. Mike Goulian is able to practice the mental game of flying even away from the airport. As an avid golfer, Goulian regularly forces himself into the same mode of focus required in the air by venturing out onto a golf course. An activity some find relaxing, Goulian approaches the game as a test of skill, accuracy and concentration.