Enroute to Boston’s Logan International Airport Monday morning to board their flight to the first Red Bull Air Race of 2017 in Abu Dhabi, Team 99 took a moment to reflect on the previous race season and what it means to them moving forward.

Pablo Branco – Team Coordinator: “Vegas was a confirmation of something we already knew we had. We didn’t feel surprised when Michael came back and he had the track record. I just had this feeling that if we were able to get the round of 14 through (sic), we would go and win the race. Getting back to the hangar, I was just crying and pissed. Michael comes back and he says “hardships make champions.” We’re a championship team and we saw that.” 

Warren Cilliers – Team Technician: “I thought it was actually inspiring. It’s kind of bitter sweet because of the way it ended. The race was disqualified. It gave us the ability, or the insight of what we could do. It drove us. It drove us through the winter work to get the airplane even better. I think it’s carrying us through, carrying that same emotion, the same feeling into 2017.” 

Michael Goulian – Pilot: “Going into 2017 I think, for the first time ever we have a team that is so solid. We have an airplane that is on par with most of the field. And we have as good a chance to win the entire championship I think as everybody else out there. We all believe that, we all know that can be true. So now we’re just going to go out there and take one race at a time. See where we stand come October.” 

The 2017 season of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship commences February 10-11 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Team 99 will spend the two weeks prior to the race preparing the airplane and equipment in Abu Dhabi. Details regarding the coverage of the race in the United States will be made available shortly.

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